Welsh Association of Motor Clubs 

The Forresters CC Targa Rally at Caerwent in August was a resounding success being the first of its kind for both the organising club and the venue.

Followed by the Mewla Rally on Epynt at the end of the month which also earned praise from many quarters for its organisation and management.

Port Talbot MCs Tour of Epynt at the ned of October is well into the planning stage and again in accordance with MoD criteria will be a non-spectator event.

Another non-spectator event will be HEROs Le-Jog in early December where Epynt will be used briefly for both tests and regularity sections as it passes through on its way north to John O’Groats.

We are still up against the high level of military training currently being experienced and event planning can be fluid to say the least.

The Patriot Stages, for example due to run at Caerwent in September was offered a new date in October, confirmed six weeks in advance and then pulled within a month of running. This is a problem being experienced across the UK not just within the WAMC Region – frustrating but out of our control.

Please see below a recent communique from the military regarding NHS Ambulance Services and whilst motorsport events are self sufficient to some extent it’s worth bearing this mind when planning your event.

Emergency Services Ability to Respond to an Emergency on the Defence Training Estate (DTE) 

Pressures on the NHS is impacting on the Ambulance Services ability to respond to emergency incidents on the DTE.  Furthermore, A&Es across Wales are struggling to cope, this maybe the case throughout the Winter period as the demand heightens.  The responsibility for training (and third party) risks sit with the organisers wishing to use the facilities and it is your control measures that reduce the risks to persons involved.  Planning Officers must consider their training (and event) needs against the risks they are undertaking and the ability to manage to reduce the risks to all persons involved to As Low As Reasonably Practical.  Defence Infrastructure Organisation do not hold the training (and event) risks and will not cancel training.  It is the organisers responsibility to consider the impacts if the emergency services inability to respond effectively.

As ever, if there’s any assistance the WAMC can give at either of the current venues or indeed any potential military estates don’t hesitate to ask - we’re all in this together.