Welsh Association of Motor Clubs 

Paul Loveridge

Technical Committee, Technical Commissioner, and International Scrutineer


Gwyn Reynold-Jones

Council Member


John Surridge

Regional Committee


Jimmy Jones

Deputy Regional Committee


Dorian Evans

Rallies Committee, RLO South Wales


Ifor Davies

RLO North Wales


Neil Fuller

Volunteer Officials Committee, Clerks & Stewards Advisory Group (Chair), Safety Delegate and MSUK Trainer


Gethin Rees

Volunteer Officials Committee, Timekeeping Advisory Group (Chair) Technical Committee, International Timekeeper and MSUK Trainer


Kevin Witton

FLO West England and Wales Districts Coed y Gororau, Coed y Mynydd, Rallies Committee, Safety Delegate, MSUK Trainer and Council Member


Keith Ashley

FLO Welsh Districts Llandovery, and Coed y Cymoedd


Chris Phillips

MOD Liaison Officer


Allan Stoneman

Radio Co-Ordinator Mid/South Wales


Kevin Hughes

Radio Co-Ordinator North Wales down to A489/A470 and MSUK Trainer


Richie Williams

Environmental Inspector


Jon Aston

Cross Country Committee